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"Show me one bit of action

"Show me one bit of action that has lead to one free-market type reform that is now in effect -- for me there are NONE and so the time spent "acting" on these topics is either a waste or it is just emotional entertainment."

Real Action as a result of the free market? Proof of purchase.

Have you tried to by ammunition lately? Gun prices are through the roof (because of demand) and the gun manufacturing companies stock prices are going through the roof too. Millions of Americans have taken serious action as a result of what supposedly happened at Sandy Hook, and they are voting and acting with their wallets, literally.

This is the kind of action that leads to free-market economic AND political reform. The market is responding. The politicians are responding too, and their response is driving the reform both economically and politically.

Thank you, president Obama. America is now armed to the teeth. He took a shot at the gun owners beehive, and now we're all buzzing around stinging them with truth seeking questions....questions that drive people to seek answers, and the answers are leading to results.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.