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I personally

never lump sum events or get discouraged by unpopular label. I look at each event SEPARATELY, look at the known facts and reasoning from both sides of the argument, then apply my OWN reason.

A. 9/11. I explored basement structure of WT7 (where the inner columns were sitting on two steel trusses rather than on their own foundations). It became clear that the free fall is logical when support of one of the trusses yields.

B. Obama. When I looked at Obama birth certificate directly from the White House website, I zoomed 1600 and discovered that resolution of text and that of the background is different. Scanners, cameras or optimization software do not produce that (OCR - optical character recognition - was not used.) Obama IS a fraud to me.

C. Sandy Hook. When the media mentioned that police and witnesses were given drugs, the latter's bizarre acting does not surprise me. I see no solid facts for a staged operation so far.