Comment: I've had a similar "discussion" on the logistics of roads

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I've had a similar "discussion" on the logistics of roads

You are incapable of grasping the grand picture and why it's critical to everyone on the planet. It's no trivial matter and for you to sort of dismiss the possible harmful risks of GMO's, with which you bring it down to it's base argument of the individual.. which in itself is a very myopic view of the issue and it's greatness threat.

Stop taking risks with my frigging food so you can make a dollar. Liberty comes with responsibility.... so remember that when your strain, which may be genetically modified with special abilities that give it a gross advantage in the wild.

You're playing with lives and potentially a wold ecosystem which you have no right to do.

Maybe you should ask yourself in that mad dash to make a few extra dollars, whether, given the fact that you have the "right" to do something, you should actually do it.

So is not necessarily libertarian to do what you say.

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