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Don't understand what you're saying

Are you saying that more material things don't equate to more happiness? If so, then you're wrong.

If you're saying that people today are not happier than they were 500 years ago, then you're also wrong.

I did not reference how happy people are today as compared to back then but I will say that they are much happier. On average, people are only tangentially unhappy with their apparent poverty and their apparent tyranny. Its only a few that have experienced genuine cases of either for themselves.

However, I am saying that more wealth in the form of goods and services for less work does translate to more happiness. It's a fact that much of the perceived disgust with their society is a result of them comparing to their wealthier peers, so more equality in that area will lessen this effect. If for no other reason, this will happen because people will become fed up with the system of working day to day, some amount earlier, leading to earlier retirements and less unemployment.

It's all connected and it all stems from the wealth scarcity imposed by the banks and by the resulting connection between wealth and social standing. Fortunately, if you eliminate the former, you also eliminate the latter.