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I do a lot of volunteer work

I have been a volunteer since the 70's. Today I volunteer at a soup kitchen, every monday, except holidays like today (as I am still healing, otherwise I would have opened) feeding nearly 100 people and sometimes more.

I volunteer as a docent at The Guest House Museum.

I volunteer at our hospital Hospice, No One Dies Alone and Chaplin program.

I volunteer at local events, and when I don't volunteer, I contribute funds.

I have many certificates, awards, etc. for volunteering, and was never motivated by any of them.

I have voluntered for state parks, adopted a park, cleaned and gleaned miles of beach, desert, mountains, rivers.. give walks, talks.. and I donate a lot.

Lent is comming up.. as a Catholic, it is a time to give.. give good things, give away things I love, that have value.. I have been sorting things.. to give.

I am not a volunteerist. I believe that volunteering is something that some of us do, and some just don't, or won't, and that's ok too. Not everyone has the time or resources to volunteer, and I will admit, I have volunteered for organizations that prooved in the end to be corrupt.. and that hurts to my heart. If I was not such a devout volunteer, an experience like that would turn me off.. also I've seen that the county and state have "community service" and these folks come and volunteer the only choice being where. I turn no one away.. I know one person can make the salad.. but I will find a way for 6 people to make that salad and make it fun.. I've actually had people complete their community service and stay on as a volunteer.

Rand is worth watching and studying, as his father was. Different level of politics.. Rand is smart.. Ron is smart and so is Rand..

When I got into Ron Paul, I did not agree with him on all the issues, but now, since I studied him, it's hard for me to find where I do not agree. Rand has shocked me sometimes.. like when he endorsed Romney.. but had he not done that, I would have been kicked off my committee because I did not understand the loyalty oath I signed. Rand's endorsement was not against his Father,, it actually kept seated/ elected like me in the GOP so I could support Ron Paul's principles locally. No one on my committee wanted Romney, so we are all equals.. except.. I have Rand, educating me, educating those of us who followed Ron Paul into the GOP.. where there is a lot of volunteer work to do too.

((((((((((((brixbe)))))))))) GOD BLESS YOU for being a volunteer! MORE POWER TO YOU, whatever you decide politcally.