Comment: Is it any wonder that back when America was

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Is it any wonder that back when America was

a Protestant nation there was such anti-Catholicism? Read some of the writings of Samuel Morse (inventor of the Morse Code) and you'll see what I mean. In the 1850s, there were numerous street battles up North between the native-born population and Catholic immigrants because of the fact that the Catholic populations were democratically taking over entire communities and ruling them according to the dictates of the Catholic Church.

Catholicism can be dangerous when Catholics take their Holy See's opinions to be Scripture. True Christianity was never meant to ruled politically from one particular geographic point on the globe. If this was Lichtenstein giving its unwanted opinion on American political matters, nobody would care. The Vatican however, to some extent, holds the allegiance of more than ten million registered, American voters, 50% of whom, voted for Obama.