Comment: All men are not angels

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All men are not angels

I guess I am more optimistic. There are self organizing and beneficial behaviours in free and voluntary markets. I am talking about self emergent behaviours, which are examined by people studying game theory and chaos theory.

If you want a sustainable relationship with your neighbors certain behaviours lead to optimal results. IE mutually beneficial exchanges of labor and goods.

This is self reinforcing or an emergent order. Emergent order comes from a few simple rules that can be followed voluntarily. Kindergarden type rules, don't hit don't steal don't murder.

The small proportion of the populace which either was not taught these rules or were taught and it didn't take can be defended against. These are the people naturally drawn to government for the power and plunder they can get through the aegis of the state. Gradually these types the sociopaths and psychopaths take over because the majority want to just provide and produce, they are not interested in power or plunder.

Laws are much simpler when you have to prove harm. All the other type laws are overweening hubris by well intentioned but misguided people. If you give these types the power of government then they will take the bit in their teeth and do all sorts of unintended harm, but harm none the less. Better to not give them any levers to move the world in the first place.

In both of the cases above the very existence of the state facilitates the power hungry, their dupes and the deluded well intentioned people.

Better not to have the state in the first place.

People will always band together in voluntary associations for defense, to protect property, to make rules. Examples abound in the american experience. One example are the miners during the gold rush banding together to provide mining claim dispute resolution.

As far as the constitution it did not create the rights, I know that I have an absolute right to protect myself, my property, my loved ones, the people in my community.

I can delegate a contractor to provide that defense, I do not want to give my sanction to an unaccountable gang of thieves, I want to have competing agencies providing defense so I can vote for the best service with my money.

If the people have failed the constitution as you put it, maybe the whole concept needs to be re-thought. The use of government for plunder will only benefit the few, so they the plunderers are the ones with the most gain to seizing the levers of the state, the costs from the power mad plunderers are spread over the many :

and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

The majority get little gain from paying attention to the pirates at a major cost in time and effort.

It is no wonder that the constitution failed.

With no state their are no ways to get free evil. You get only retail plunder not wholesale plunder.