Comment: WTF is this babble?

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WTF is this babble?

"Caring is Action -- Love is Action -- Laughther is Action"

Yes and so are a great many things. Including running, fighting, moneybombs, email campaigns, blog posts, sign waves, endless examples.

"one event cannot ruin my world unless" it does apparently. And nothing hurts you unless it does. DEEP.

"Do you know how many times a "Truther" has watched or googled 'people falling from towers'"

No but I was under the impression there's more than one Truther. Are you speaking for all of them?

"Any media image...and any activity that enters the campaign ALL for the perpetuation of corporatism because these "images" are not born from free-market "like" persuits." (sic)

I see. So all the images, youtubes, signs and shirts we made were somehow dictated and controlled by who? Obama? You are going for a record on sweeping generalisations here aren't you?

"Blogging is in-action under Corporatism -- so far, it has lead to not one hair-breadth of a movement in the direction of liberty."

Ah I see. No minds have been changed, opened or swayed. No information was passed, no learning took place ON ANY BLOG EVER. I guess we all learned libertarian ideology from....what? Toothpaste? You are really sounding the fool.

"Guns (we've had them since Washington) -- Not one movement toward a free-society did they help to make."

Because the revolutionary war was fought with soap bubbles.

"I say let's try something NEW"

Logic perhaps?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.