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Petition May Be Okay As Is

Michael, in rereading the petition, it actually is unbiased in your last paragraph. I am now wondering if it really is in our best interests to take Ron Paul's name out as we are who we are and we actually believe Ron Paul IS first tier. Somehow we just have to prove in some way that our numbers are very large and growing. I think whether you leave it as is or change it...we just need to get the word out and get tons of signatures.

If you leave it as is, perhaps it is important in sending it to some sites where we know we have supporters for fair elections, tht the second paragraph is pointed out as everyone taking a stand in demanding that our choices be heard by all.

(A girl can change her mind, ya know) Just noticed that it is up to 655 signatures already. That's pretty good for just being up...what 48 hours?