Comment: I will have to quote our own mikelawson here.

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I will have to quote our own mikelawson here.

"if you aren't on a government list already, you aren't trying hard enough"
or something close to that, this was back in 08 just before the R4R.
so, it comes down to this, we need you man. in fact, the whole friggin planet needs you. Liberty will live or die hard right here on this soil.
there are many answers to your OP. many would be foolish to announce. that was all I was thinking. it would be like telling the gate keeper where the holes in the fence were.
many effective methods are not glorious at all.
I continue to post and support this place, knowing full well that I am not very well liked as well as the risks involved.
it is a form of peaceful civil disobedience.
I am going to need to be less active for a time. I need to get back to running my business.