Comment: Insulting people isn't "a logical" defense of Anarchism.

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Insulting people isn't "a logical" defense of Anarchism.

It's a path to failure. That's all Anarchists do while they claim I'm illogical; puke out insults saying I can't comprehend, but I do. They can't explain themselves or defend their ideas.

"Anyone who's apart of the Liberty movement knows the difference between anarcho-capitalist and anarcho-socialist."

Oh really? I know the difference but is that really your litmus test now? Most people don't give a rats ass what either brand want. Most of the people defending liberty want nothing to do with Anarchists and both the brands you just mentioned want to use collective violence to get what they unjustly want, power and ownership. One wants a free market of coercion and violence serving the principle of self interest, the other wants to take ownership of what isn't theirs through collective violence; industry.

"Ancaps never go around wearing mask and destroying property because it's completely against the NAP and property rights that ancaps and the rest of us believe in."

Don't be so sure. That's what the mask is for. Anarchy IS as an Anarchist DOES.

What I see Anarchists doing is running their mouths acting like they're surrounded by people 'who just don't understand', sheep and retards, something less than them, but people DO understand, and can see right through them to that ugly little destroyer hiding inside them.

I can comprehend just fine, and apparently better than you'd prefer. Just get over yourself. You aren't any smarter than me or any of the people who reject Anarchism. They aren't stupid. Thinking they ARE and running your mouth about it is why you're on: "a path to failure."

I KNOW YOU'RE SMART, AND I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND. I say Anarchists are highly intelligent connivers.