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The civil war

was fought mostly with two different sized muskets with a bayonet attachments as well as artillery rounds. I think a musket may actually be defined as an assault weapon as silly as it is nowadays although no permit is required to own one. Replicas are available but I don't think they can shoot actual rounds, only paper with some powder.

Calvary did use swords however.

Fort Point in SF will hold a demonstration (no paper rounds, just demonstrating the art of war during the civil war, this weekend.) But I've yet to see one which someone held a sword, although I do know swords were used.

I'm part of the 69th Northern Irish Brigade re-enactors, and back then I would have fought for the south (well being a potato farmer more likely the north but with my current philosophy I would have fought for the south had I not been Irish - actually I'm the only re-enactor who has an irish name in the 69th Irish), but I still find it fun to be involved in such things, gamble with all kinds of weird money issued by strange banks, and have some fun, sweat in wool, and tire myself out and then have to get up at 0300 to guard the gates and such.

It's fun. But swords were used, albeit I think very rarely, mostly muskets and bayonets.

I can follow all verbal orders and stack arms and such. Unless you've actually participated you have no idea how difficult it was back then. That musket feels like it's 30 pounds. Add onto that what feels like 20 pounds of clothing.

And this weekend rain. But if you live in the SF bay area you should come out for fun. It's free.

Again, I've never seen a single sword although I know they have been used by calvary.

I hope that helps.

They were used rarely but they were used.

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