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serving the evil cabal


It may well be that is doesn't matter -- much or at all -- what you believe about 9/11. It may well be that folks who wish to put their considerable creative and intellectual talents toward trying to ferret out the truth or turning over this particular apple cart are only spinning their wheels.

If you decide that the evil bad guys who plotted this are your own folk, you'd be smart to admit that they factored into their evil ways a rabbit trail -- a few nonconforming bits -- to lay a scent trail to divert the pursuers away from the real trail that would threaten the real evil. You must admit that any powerful group good enough to pull this off, and understanding history well enough, would preconceive the conspiracy stuff and use it to their own ends.

If you decide that the evil bad guys are foreign terrorists and that some of the us-guys used the real bad guys to further their own agenda, which, to them, may seem right and honorable and GOOD, if only for themselves and their families, then you're led to providing your own trail around such agendas.

Which do you think leads toward action that actually makes a difference? Which path makes for more engaged and active participants in the real fight toward liberty in this rather new country?

If you were an evil-cabal intend on world domination or even U.S. domination, wouldn't you rather have half your enemy disengaged from the real battlefield (i.e. wounded and taking up resources) by turning them into 9/11 truthers, searching websites and video or for hours on end rather than becoming active in their local and regional and national power structures?

It hardly matters which way you go on such issues. It only serves to take creative and intelligent folks out of the real battle.

I don't care if anyone needs to see (or invent) some big 9/11 conspiracy to allow themselves believe that human nature is a mixed bag. That the folks who need, at a visceral-I'm-worthy level, ache toward powerful positions will do so at the expense of others. Pick up a history book; look around you. It's obvious. I suppose there are folks who aren't willing to look to their own lives and interactions and need some Big Boogeyman to explain and separate IT from THEM. But, for goodness sake, accept the boogyman in human nature and move past it. Don't let it suck you onto rabbit trails, where you won't do anything but shout BOO and think you did anything.

It is not obvious, or even logical, that harping on prima facia evidence -- 9/11 or anything else -- of human neediness gets us anywhere. Can we just say that such backwater stuff is exactly where the evil perpetrators wish to consign the questioning sorts? Can we agree to not be a stooges? Whether to some evil cabal or to regular old human foibles?

To me it seems a scapegoat to duck the truth. The evil is within ourselves. You don't have to go off looking for it in something you've predefined as too big to confront on real terms. That's what these colossal conspiracies do, make the common man feel impotent and go into self-seeking, like-minded groups.

It serves nothing but those who wish to languish in impotence and hop on the rabbit trails of the evil cabal (if there is one).