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Comment: One more thing...

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One more thing...

Minarchy and anarchy are not mutually exclusive.
The definition of anarchy is contestable and varies depending on who you speak with.

Noam Chomsky defines the process of anarchism as one in which, “at every stage of history our concern must be to dismantle those forms of authority and oppression that survive from an era when they might have been justified in terms of the need for security or survival or economic development, but that now contribute to — rather than alleviate — material and cultural deficit.”

I personally prefer this definition.
It references incrementalism. This is what is clearly needed in all political pursuits to ever meet with success.

Being for anarchy does not mean that you are an extremist, far-this or far-that. It does not mean, "Destroy all government, rah rah rah!" It means that you must forever be skeptical of authority and vigilant in your pursuit to curtail its power hungry nature. At least, that's what it means to me.