Comment: Where do you get those assumptions?

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Where do you get those assumptions?

Who says internet voting isn't safe? (I don't know of anyone hurt in the process) The point is that if you let the ruling class design the system, OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE CORRUPT. If we designed it, it could be completely open and transparent to everyone, start to finish.

I like the idea of at least starting out by holding meetings online. It wouldn't even have to be Congress sanctioned ones. We could simply hold an open town hall debate style meeting on each issue and then debate the topic based on a set of verifiable facts and less-weighted opinions. Once a consensus was reached, the now-popular solution could be presented to Congress for enactment.

Our state delegates even wrote our new party platform via a large email list and while a bit cumbersome, it worked much better (no schedules or lost discussion) than doing it in person. Unfortunately, it went down in flames at the state committee meeting with nary a word.