Comment: 9-12 is easier to get your brain around.

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9-12 is easier to get your brain around.

It is a crime to tamper with a crime scene before the investigation is done. On 9-12, the crime scene was utterly destroyed, live on national TV. It went on for weeks. And the type of investigation that was supposed to happen NEVER did. The 9-11 Commission was NOT a group of arson experts, and even if they were, the clues that arson investigators would look for were over a year old and GONE by the time they "investigated." Please note they call it a "Commission Report" not an investigation.
So, along with "too big to fail" banks we have "too big to investigate" crimes. And one last note.... They are considering demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary, even as people like me scream out to see photos of the bullet riddled front door...
Thanks for not digging in on your opinion and staying open until you finally saw. It is not that "truthers" have the answers, it is that we have very reasonable questions.

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