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Love re-enactors

I hope you have fun at the reenactment.
I lived in San Francisco as a kid, and I loved the fog horns from the Golden Gate Bridge when the fog rolled in.

In Tennessee, where I am now, reenactments are a cottage industry. There are literally dozens of civil war battle sites a stone’s throw from me.

Swords were mostly carried by officers, and were a decoration, and status symbol. I'm sure it would have been used if it was a convent, handy weapon, but not a primary choice. The range of a sword vs. a musket is not very even. Even a musket with a bayonet was preferable, having the length.

I also had the privilege of firing a musket once, as a teenager. That is one LOUD and powerful gun. It vaporized the clay target I shot at (and part of the dirt backstop). It was loaded and prepared by someone else, of course. I carried the bruise for two weeks. ;)

Obama's comments about "lash and sword" were designed to be poetic, but, more than that were completely false. His position seems to be that the war was fought over slavery, which is patently false.

Slavery was an "add-on". Economics was the real reason that war started. A quick read of the Emancipation Proclamation will show anyone that slavery was NOT the topic of that war, as the document freed very few people. I'm sure that during the war, freeing slaves and arming them was done, but it was hardly the chief reason for the war.

At that time, I would have fought beside you on the side of the South. I am NOT pro slavery, and believe that all men are equal, but, the war was simply not about slavery. Slavery would have, and did, end all on its own eventually. Economic slavery is far more sustainable, and is the path the US eventually settled on for ALL men (and women).

Even here, in Tennessee, the misconception that the civil war was fought over slavery is rampant.

Judging by his actions over the last 4 years, his speech was only hollow words. His actions show that he doesn’t believe what he said. He is an eloquent speaker and many people will be fooled by him, choosing to listen instead of look. Hitler was a silver tongued devil too.

Most Americans are still enmeshed in the Republican/Democrat paradigm, and believe that congress actually controls and contains him, also completely belied by his actions.

His claim that A decade of war is now ending. An economic recovery has begun.
is completely false. The anger and resentment we have engendered over the last decade and more is coming home, there is no way to avoid that now. On the contrary, his drone war has assured it, in addition to the economic policies that have bankrupted the country.
I fear that the wars and usurpation of freedom have only begun. :(

Personally, I don’t believe the US will survive the next 4 years, I hope I’m wrong.

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