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Hadn't seen that one

but I have read "Where Did The Towers Go" and if people who are going to mouth off about this, they should read her book before giving you insults yet for mentioning the technology. The book is a must if one is to discuss 9/11. The rivalry within the 911 truth movement is causing stagnation. You listed the perps. ;but is it ego or malicious intent? Steven Jones ...More than likely. He was involved in mysterious ways. He coined the term "cold fusion", and now uses it against the truth.
Evidence of many things that happened on 9/11 were found and were not explained by explosives. One of the most unusual "coincidences", was a shift in the magnetism of the earth precisely at the moments of impact of the first hole in WTC 1 and throughout the day until the collapse of WTC 7, as recorded from magnetometer stations in Alaska and the GEO satellite data. Hurricane Erin's path and position "coincidence" with the events is also something that is also more than suspicious.
Thanks for your open mind and spreading the word. I have been gun-shy lately about speaking up. You will see why in responses from others.