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the messenger DOES matter:

...aren't we frustrated with "FoxNews Republicans"? Name your messenger on that network, or right wing Clear Channel talk radio host of a daily 2-3 hour program...

Everyone is passing around "good" ideas, pitching less government, less taxation, less regulation; and omitting purposefully, you name it - 9/11 truth and the DHS, Patriot Act, TSA, NDAA that has grown out of it ... why? Because they're hiding that from us?

People, voters, the WHOLE of the electorate has been on the internet - they know there is tyranny, they've seen what we've seen - BUT - they are self-restrained and patient beyond the liking of Alex and his handlers who give him attention; no matter how mad they get, they're not going to start a civil war; AND besides, they're looking for SOLUTIONS - and - they are looking to Ron Paul and us!

The solution is: The Ron Paul "can't turn an aircraft carrier around on a dime" GAMEPLAN - which is delegates! Taking back control of the party from self-serving, pro-lobbyists and cronies who use politicians to serve THEMSELVES and their ilk - that is a GOOD plan, and, it will work if we focus on that - rather than look for a "bankster" under our beds!

The messenger matters ... period! The PTB are using Alex to paint us ALL as loony conspiracy theorists; when in fact, we're just real people pleading with the electorate to take up their civic responsibility, because we believe, we severely OUTNUMBER the cronies who have and use the media, K-Street lobbyists, and politicians to serve their personal fleeting wealth(that Obama can STEAL at anytime - which - would be a good thing! justice served - on BOTH sides of the aisle!)

The battle is grass roots; and, although we need a media presence - we don't need Mr. Freakout - who has demonstrated he KNOWS how to behave, but plays the sensationalist game thinking he's going to bounce the talking heads "we" don't like from their position in front of MSM teleprompters ... the electorate who doesn't care about Alex Jones at all wrote off Piers Morgan, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and whoever else Alex wants to name off BEFORE Alex Jones got his Piers Morgan interview ...

Americans are NOT stupid; we're reserved, and, we're looking for SOLUTIONS, and SEVERAL more courageous Statesmen to appear on the scene and make our arguments on national television - NOT Alex Jones!