Comment: maybe the young RP supporters

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maybe the young RP supporters

should not be put in the situation where they have to choose between those two things.
College students do not understand taxes and the economic issues since they have not yet experienced getting a job and seeing large chunks of their paychecks getting deducted and handed over to the government.

It is a lot easier for younger voters to figure out the evils of the bigoted stance the majority of Republicans have on social issues, and the Republican war-mongering, than it is for them to figure out the dangers of the Democratic socialism platform. (That is not to say that the Republican party does not also promote socialism, or that the Democrats are not also war-mongers.)

If you really value liberties and the economy over social issues, then maybe a better approach would be to quit offending and alienating the younger voters who care about their gay friends, by referring to their gay friends as "sodomites." Kelly Clarkson was attacked for supporting a "homophobe", and comments like yours only adds credibility to these accusations. No wonder she had to back down, right?