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Nutball post is nutball

I appreciate that you needed to vent or whatever but perhaps do it in your personal journal instead of detracting from an otherwise positive thread. Make all the excuses you want to not be involved and lend a hand in restoring constitutionalism to the GOP and or govt in general but don't pooh-pooh the efforts of others over and above the fact that Ron himself stated this as a goal when C4L was founded at the Rally for the Republic.

Things will change the more influence we attain in the GOP and we're already seeing successes in certain states and other local areas where our people have built coalitions with other conservatives and have become the dominant force running the party. PLus the increase in the number of liberty folk in the House and Senate in just a few years shows that we're going in the right direction. I'll thank you to do nothing and leave us to our advances in restoring the GOP to liberty. You don't know how to network with others based on the issues like Ron has done his entire career and I can't imagine anyone listening to your tripe at a meeting or convention for more than a few seconds w/o LOLing and moving on. Enjoy your mancave.