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I disagree

She gave Ron Paul a COMPLIMENT on her twitter account. MOST celebrities do not do even that much.

Also, if you notice, Kelly Clarkson never actually retracted her original statements. She never turned around and stated that she did not like Ron Paul, nor did she ever make a statement that she would have voted for Obama over Dr. Paul. It's really not fair to expect Kelly Clarkson to risk her career; she went against her father's advice by revealing her political opinion to the public and I think the fact that she stuck her neck out even a little is a lot more than you get from 99% of people in the entertainment industry.

As far as being a phony, she is being a phony towards the political establishment: yes she will take their money to play at their inauguration, but when it comes down to voting, had Obama been running against Dr. Paul, she would have been voting AGAINST Obama. That's what counts.