Comment: What I can see from this

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What I can see from this

What I can see from this video, every idea can be corrupted to slave people, even the idea of freedom itself. That it is up to us to keep the idea at is core value. That it is up to us to not let it be used by the greedy to get their way. That there is hope for humanity if we realize that freedom can only be obtained by peaceful debate. The day we decide to fight the system head on, we lose. That is their plan. There are enough puppets to destroy hope.

We most choose is we want to live like men or like sheep for the sake of security. We most gain control of the corrupted system from within. Remember, Freedom is just an idea, but we are its example. Freedom will mean what we want it to mean.

Go Patriots!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos