Comment: I live in NOLA and have never

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I live in NOLA and have never

I live in NOLA and have never heard of a katrina virus whatsoever. I have read enough history not to be surprised were something like this to be true, just saying. Not one peep. Rumors of dynamiting levees in poor areas to save rich areas, the usual, sure. And after the fact PLENTY of diverting of recovery funds to politician pockets. Those stories all being true. Nagin's pockets got well lined. Typically, he originally ran a corruption reformer.

I self evacuated at the last minute (needlessly as happens tho it would have been rough to watch portions of my roof get torn off) and returned immediately prior to them cordoning off the city. I was never at the mercy of government refugee relocation system in any way. I did accept a free plastic cooler from FEMA which I used to provide beer for Ron Paul delegate meetings last year;) A plastic cooler would probably not have been a disease vector.

But I'll research it and see if anything sounds plausible. But again I have never heard the phrase 'katrina virus' until today.