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Please explain

how making sacrifices to our freedoms keeps kiddies safe.
I did a quick look-up of U.S. school shootings. I assume that is what he wants to stop. There is a list on Wikipedia.
I counted up the number of fatalities since the 1966 Texas clock tower shooting up to the passage of the "Gun-free school zone" law in 1990. I then totaled the number of fatalities from 1991 to 2013.
So, what was the effect of sacrificing some of our freedoms to keep kiddies safe in their little gun-free zones? For the 24 years before the gun-free zone law was enacted there were a total of 46 fatalities. That includes the 16 in Texas. It's less than two per year on average. Since kids by law are now safe from guns in their idyllic bubbles, there have been 228 fatalities in school shootings. That is close to 10 per year. Gun-free schools are five times more deadly than legal carry schools. James Taylor must be high.

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