Comment: Idaho is Monsanto Country!

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Idaho is Monsanto Country!

And I am just so proud... Seriously, back when "GMO" was some futuristic sounding thing to a bumpkin like me, Idaho was legislating in Monsanto's behalf. Look into Syngenta - charming folks. They peddle such toxic goo they can't even make or sell it in their home country, only in the good old US of A. They have a huge field lab here, along with many other GMO seed companies and such.
We also gave the right to oversee fracking to the state, quick before any locals learned what fracking was about. They are not doing it here yet, but when they start the counties will have no say.
Fight, by all means possible. But build a bioshelter where you can have control of your food supply, it is the only real hope.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: