Comment: Forget land, out West it's first about water.

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Forget land, out West it's first about water.

River access is encouraging. Year round flow? Cleanish water? Sanitation becomes a big issue. Locate the outhouses downstream? Composting toilets? Don't wanna contaminate your river.

Next is the drainage situation. People look at land out here and think it's one thing. Then it rains and it becomes something else. Think in terms of 500 year flood. Time can speed up all the sudden out here.

Next if it's not entirely rocks or vertical, that's a plus. Anything you might irrigate and plant on is getting better. Some areas are good for growing cactus and not much else.

How cold? Deserts don't generate much wood fuel. What we have is sunlight, low humidity and soils that drain well enough to go under ground. Before people freeze to death they can become extraordinarily whiny and cranky.

Getting dialed in on the USGS reports for your target property gets you ahead of the game right where you are now. At your keyboard. Or with your nose in some hand held device, not looking where you are going. But these are desert kinds of questions.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.