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Every response I get is an example

"You keep saying "Anarchist can't explain nor defend themselves" yet you have never given an example of that."

And they can't. THEY NEVER DO, Just as you failed to do. Every post I write demanding an answer is an example showing that Anarchists CAN'T defend their ideas because they are indefensible, impossible and undesirable to those who know thyself and the nature of those around them. I still don't hear you explaining Anarcho-Capitalism. All I hear is you running your mouth doing what Anarchists always do.

"I bet you don't even know the moral principle behind anarcho-capitalism"

Didn't you just try and say the same thing about Ancaps and Anarcho-syndicalists, that I just don't understand? I UNDERSTAND JUST FINE "Duder".

Anarchists hide behind the NAP, and pretend it will save them from collective force, and that's what government is, collective force. Government is mans attempt to use collective force to serve good rather than evil, but men are evil, so eventually governments fall as well. Anarcho-Captitalism does not get rid of collective force. That is impossible. There's no way to do that. It will merely allow the Anarchist to buy collective force in a free market where they will use coercion to serve the principle of self interest. What will be served is the ANARCHISTS self interest, and since everybody will then be an Anarchist, everybody will use collective force to serve THEIR SELF INTEREST; THEIR COVETOUS NATURE.

What you create is a gangland government of Warlords and sycophants, a wasteland of collective force bought, sold, and used by those who can pay for it, and what they'll serve is INJUSTICE.

I heard one of your fellow Anarchists say something really stupid that explains this idea. He said:

"Communism: The state owns everything
Fascism: Merger of state and corporate power
If anarchism is the absence of a state, both political systems are impossible."

So let's review what an Ancap is offering now that you understand Government is collective force and there's NOTHING you can do to get rid of it.

Fascism: The merger of collective force and corporate power.
Communism: Collective force owns everything.

Anarchists are still just serving Communism and Fascism, and like I said, most Anarchists are just Communists who want to use collective force to own everything once they get Government out of their way. Ancaps are more the Fascist brand of Anarchist who will still end up creating a top down authoritarian regime using collective force and coercion to take liberty.

I'm a Libertarian, a Constitutionalist and Republican and the Government I want is divided, a tiered system set against itself and Non-Authoritarian in nature. It is bottom up, not top down, but it too fails because people can be tempted to destroy it through their covetous nature. There is no "monopoly of violence" in my Constitutional Republic unless it falls to the criminals who want a puppet dictator, and to rule the people with a top down authoritarian regime.

I do not oppose the NAP and Liberty is all that I'm interested in serving, but in the REAL world, not just an Anarchists rich fantasy world where everybody just gets along and wants liberty. People CHOSE to prey on each other. I understand that collective force will NEVER go away, so the only solution is to make the case that collective force should only be used to protect individual liberty, to serve justice, whether you can pay for justice or not, and win the debate within the best government mankind has ever created. It's not Governments fault. It's OUR fault. too many people now want plunder, slaves, and dominion rather than justice defending individual liberty.

"Freedom, liberty and their common defense."

It's about everybody being equal under the law and having their right to liberty defended with collective force rather than just sold off to those who want to take it.

"No, I don't think you do because you keep stating anarchism is this one collective group."

Words have meaning, and I know you wish they didn't, but they do. You want to try and use Anarchy to serve your ends, and what you want is to destroy government because it stands between you and what you unjustly want, and you want is to be able buy collective force in a free market without debate, consent, or any representation other than your wallet; to use collective force as your tool of coercion in a free market of violence.

What ensues is chaos and crimes against liberty; injustice, and I say that's what you WANT. I say Anarchists are frauds.

"Dude, you seriously don't know what you're talking about."

BS I don't, and the fact that you can't debate what happens in Anarcho-Capitalism shows who really doesn't know what they're talking about, and all an Anarchist can do in the end is run their mouths claiming people are all stupid and just don't understand.


"I'm pretty sure its you who needs to get over yourself man."

I'm just a sheep, a lamb, mutton walking, and the Lord is my shepherd. I should thank you Anarchists for reminding me of that, so let me pay you back and remind you of something; ALL men are sheep compared to God, but not compared to you.

Psalms 23