Comment: Mossad 9/11 Fingerprints

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Mossad 9/11 Fingerprints

I urge you to research Israel-Mossad’s history. Israel-Mossad’s attack on the USS Liberty is well documented along with testimonies that it was deliberate. Mossad has a long history of false flags. Zionists held key positions in the Bush administration and had enormous influence surrounding 9/11 events.

video 1 38 minutes discussing PNAC and report headed by Philip Zelikow

Zionists laid a blueprint via PNAC
Michael Chertoff:, (who let the 5 dancing Israel agents go free as head of the Justice Dept),

Philip Zelikow exec director of the 9/11 Commission
Paul Wolfowitz deputy to Rumsfeld
Dov S. Zakheim. Defense Department: Comptroller Center for Security Policy: Former adviser Project for the New American Century
Philip Zelikow and Paul Wolfowitz mentioned in Dr. Wasfi’s interview 6:38 min and 8:00 min

"It is one hundred percent certain that 9-11 was a Mossad operation -- period." - Dr. Alan Sabrosky, US Army War College