Comment: Well David should be happy...

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Well David should be happy...

because in LESS than 50 years we will have for the first time in 9,000 years, less humans on earth than the prior year. Human population will drop some 41 million by 2050. Then for the next 50 years population will continue a long slow decline. But this is not the doing of the NWO, no, its the product - PRODUCT - of general free market prosperity and people CHOOSING freely smaller families in exchange for higher living standards and more free time.

And its too bad that David Attenborough, my hero, along with many other good evolutionary biologists and zooologists will not be around to see the free market and private property rights SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. What they do not realize is that since 1900, zoologists and other concerned for the environment have adopted socialist collectivists land policies and its been those things that have FAILED.

Take the Florida Alligator. In the 1970s, hunted and poached, and socialized whereby NO ONE can own one, the Florida alligator was expected to be GONE by 2000. But what saved the Florida alligator? Answer: Exceptions. Exceptions saved the Florida alligator. Exceptions to OWNERSHIP. Alligator farms, specifically saved it. In fact it saved it so much, private farms PUT BACK INTO THE EVERGLADES more alligators than were poached. The privatization of wildlife is the future for wildlife, IF THERE IS TO BE ANY WILDLIFE. But lefty socialists and their foolish friends the zoologists and environmentalists do not know this.... yet.

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