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Oh fishy, I wasn't referring to you. It's just that anytime

an article or comment exposing the Vatican shows up on the DP, it is quickly downvoted and barely sees the light of day. Makes me wonder...

As someone who is interested in truth I thought I'd send you digging.

To start with, have you ever heard of Alberto Rivera? He was a Jesuit who later renounced the Catholic Church and then exposed the Vatican's plans for world domination. He was viciously attacked from all sides and finally killed, but everything he said would happen has happened, so I believe him. It all fits. You can buy the comic book version of his life story here... You can hear him speak here. Personally, his accent is so strong, it was easier to me to read his story.

Secondly, there is an old book that has now been reprinted. It's called 50 years in the Church of Rome. It's by a man named Charles Chiniquy who was a priest for most of his life. He tells what the church was up to when America was fighting the civil war.

And then, check out this guy's website. He's probably done thousands of hours of research and puts a lot of the puzzle pieces involving Rome, into place.

So, now, get back to me in several weeks and let me know what you think. :)

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