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Comment: LOOK!! Harris County law Enforcement Records:

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LOOK!! Harris County law Enforcement Records:

Harris County, Texas Commissioner Pleads Guilty to Making a ... - FBI

Sep 30, 2011 ... WASHINGTON—Harris County Commissioner Gerald R. Eversole and Houston-
based real estate developer Michael D. Surface both pleaded ...
Published on: 2011/09/30, Last Modified on: 2011/09/30

Former Harris County Deputy Convicted for Aiding Ecstasy Loads - FBI

Jan 11, 2013 ... HOUSTON—Former Harris County Deputy Sheriff Jesus Martinez, of Humble,
has been convicted of aiding possession of a controlled ...
Published on: 2013/01/11, Last Modified on: 2013/01/11

FBI — Harris County Sheriff's Office Deputy Indicted

Sep 21, 2012 ... HOUSTON—Jesus Martinez, a Harris County Sheriff's Office (HSCO) deputy, has
surrendered to federal authorities following the return of a ...
Published on: 2012/09/21, Last Modified on: 2012/09/21

FBI — Former Harris County Deputy Sentenced to Prison for Extortion

Aug 18, 2011 ... HOUSTON—A former Harris County Deputy Sheriff and his wife, charged and
convicted for their respective roles in the deputy's criminal ...
Published on: 2011/08/18, Last Modified on: 2011/08/18
FBI — Wife of Former Harris County Deputy Sheriff Pleads Guilty to ...

Apr 26, 2011 ... HOUSTON—The wife of a former Harris County Deputy Sheriff has been
convicted of misprison of a felony after pleading guilty to the felony ...
Published on: 2011/04/26, Last Modified on: 2011/06/08