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"Please let me know if I need to give further support and understanding as to why the Scriptures are the Word of God and why they can be trusted because there are also fulfilled prophesies and archeological finds."

To me, as someone not yet (or never), taken over by God, or Jesus, the concept of competition in viewpoints applies. I can see A, B, and C, and as time passes I move on ONE path. I can't go two directions at once. There are many religions, many prophesies, many archeological finds, all of which can be placed side by side for relative comparison based upon some rational sense internal to the observer, or an external power can be working in any case whereby the observe is made to see one viewpoint as the viewpoint used in moving in any direction whatsoever.

We have been working the "kill those babies" direction for a reason.

"The scientific odds of Jesus fulfilling the prophecies concerning the Messiah are..."

Just like republican conservatives discount anything from the democratic liberals, there are plenty of examples of one religious viewpoint discounting anything from the competitive religious viewpoint while the actual use of statistics is identical.

Math does not lie.

People, however, can use math in ways that intend to deceive targets who are deceived by that use of math, and eventually, it seems to me, the deceivers are deceived themselves.

So, my answer to statistical proof, is to ask if it is good for the goose, then is it as good for the gander?

I linked this before:

If you understand me, then you understand that my goal is to know better, not worse.

If God/Jesus/Holy Ghost take me over, or contacts me in an unambiguous way, then that event, an event that has not happened, changes my viewpoint in a specific way.

That is my "jealously" thing: restated.

"Jesus is the Light, so it is not a matter of loving human life. It is a matter of loving Jesus, the Light of the World. Jesus said men would rather love darkness than to love him."

I'm having trouble here too. I am measuring contradiction, in my view, which is a view that is absent the factors that cause your view to be your view.

My view is that it is a contradiction to discriminate this love power in such a way as to only love Jesus, not human life, and if you can explain that contradiction, as you have explained the contradiction with how mankind are drones when God actually speaks, and mankind are not drones when God does not speak - if I have that right.

I see a need to reinforce my present viewpoint (then I had better get some work done).


The word of God reaches people through people, and the word of God is that people are evil (liars) so why trust people?

A. God takes control of people, using people to speak for God, no more contradiction.

Love Jesus, but don't love human life.

A. (I don't know) fill in the blank

In my mind, again, God (when I ask) kind of, and sort of, tells me that if I am going to be helped by God, then I have to help other people, and in order to do so I have to actually listen to what other people have to say. That to me is the definition of love, again, kind of, and sort of, but definitely not targeting other people to take their power from them (crime).

If I only love Jesus, then to me I have no love until Jesus actually finds me? Is that a contradiction or not?

So now I'm even more Jealous?

I have to get some work done and to mark my place I'll end this effort with the last quote taken from your welcome (needed) competitive viewpoint:

"Jesus is the Light, so it is not a matter of loving human life. It is a matter of loving Jesus, the Light of the World. Jesus said men would rather love darkness than to love him."