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Comment: Cooper deserves a promotion

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Cooper deserves a promotion

He did his job as outlined by his boss(es). For that, he deserves kudos.

As the "customer" of CNN, their advertisers should be giving them kudos for grabbing even higher ratings by this sneaky, underhanded tactic.

As the "customer" of THOSE advertisers, we should be publicly organizing a boycott of them, not all combined (those don't work) but one-by-one and top-down. The message should be pull your ads or we'll pull your sales.

Then we walk back down the ladder...

The advertising company tells CNN to straighten up in a very public way or they'll pull their business.

CNN tells their minion reporter to get it right.

Should this not work to the end, go back to the "boycott the advertisers top-down" step and repeat with number 2.

Unfortunately, the population hasn't learned how to use the internet or the free market.