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That's simple

He believes that the Constitution is the only useful tool to realistically reign in the power and scope of the government.

Ron Paul definitely is an anarchist, but he's a pragmatic anarchist and he disguises himself as a minarchist because minarchy is a more obtainable, more palatable goal when you're talking to the average politically-illiterate citizen who is devoid of any philosophy or principles. Anarchy only makes sense to people who recognize it as a moral imperative. Ron Paul applies the non-aggression principle to everything. He is an anarchist. Many of his heroes and associates are anarchists as well, but most of them don't come out and use that word either.

The difference between minarchy and anarchy is like the difference between agnosticism and atheism. They're really close to the same meaning, minor distinction, concerning the same subject in almost the same light, but one of the terms in each pair has a stigma in the eyes of most people.