Comment: I voted GJ last year, I like

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I voted GJ last year, I like

I voted GJ last year, I like the guy. I think he says a lot of good stuff, better than Romney and Obama ever did anyway, and he had a decent record (for a politician!). However, between the two, GJ and Rand, I'd vote Rand. Both seem to be good guys, both stand for some good things, i just think Rand is little more...stable. From the interviews I'd see of GJ he'd sometimes seem...spastic? Something just didn't quite sit well with me in his interviews/debates i saw; but he didn't urke me too the core like Romney and Obama did/do.

Rand seems much more defined, intelligent, and cunning. I know people don't like Rand and say he did this and that wrong and he should stand steadfast on principle; but people got to remember this is politics, not the real world. The political world is something completely different than the world we live in. I'm not saying let's play their game to the letter, hell, they don't; but I think Rand can change the game to our favor. He appeals to the sheep much better than some of the hardcore liberty followers and he explains things in an understandable, simple way, which reminds me of Ron Paul. In addition, those that want to discard Rand just because he has R. beside his name need to quit being such a bigot. I hate being lumped with any demographic and I'm sure a lot of you do too. Libertarians aren't all fanatics and conspiracy theorists (serious ones like...).So why lump him in with the other republicans? Look at his own merits and decide if you like him or not; but to say "he's the same dirty republican politician just like the rest of them" is just ignorant.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.