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I will avoid your insults and just answer your questions.

I am not an expert on death, nor did I claim to be. I do however believe it is wrong to lie to people, including(especially) children, regardless of a person's intentions.

If someone believes in heaven and teaches that to their children, that is their business. That is not what I was referring. The postal worker was the one who lied, and impersonated god (a horrible sin in every religion that I am aware of). Then to further compound this lie, the mother followed up by allowing her child to believe the absurd notion that god had written a letter and sent her a book. This distorts reality.

Unless of course you are telling me that you believe the postal worker really was god?

The mother condoned and participated in this "gift from god" to avoid explaining the truth, which is that WE don't hear from people/pets that have died (despite religious beliefs), and that the letter had come from the dead letter office and NOT god.

If the mother believes in heaven, and wants to pass that belief on, that is her business. But if she participates in manufacturing evidence to support that belief, then that is a willful lie and deception.

There is a name for people like me. Someone who respects children.

And I would like to take a moment to point something out, not that anyone will actually read this far but:

I taught my daughter how I believed (atheist), and let her be exposed to whatever other religious beliefs that she was interested in. Around 8 she decided that she wanted to be christian so I took my daughter to her church every Sunday, and participated in activities, despite the fact that I don't believe it and would be personally harassed at times for my beliefs.

THAT is respecting your child. How would you handle it if your child decided your beliefs were full of crap and wanted something different? Would you actively support him/her, or merely tolerate it, or not even allow it as most people behave.

So you need to stop making rude assumptions about people that you know nothing about.

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