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Year round flow

I would say pretty well cleanish enough to be able to dig a short well a reasonable distance away from the river for filtration puposes. Then you just plan your drainage fields... a somewhat radical idea I've always had for natural self-sustained living would be once you are off all the TOXIC grocery store stuff the human solid waste could be recycled into some sort of composting system and used to fertilize a high productivity garden system.

I have some out of the box ideas I'd like to try. As far as your housing solution I'm guessing you saw "Garbage warriors" on youtube? Yes I think it would be great to build earth-ships out of recycled products. If you are three feet underground it's relatively easy to keep the temp inside at 70 degrees in the winter time... then you just have all windows facing south at the right angle and have them double paned.

Going even further - you could fill between the double panes and add one more pane on the house side - fill with water for a natural hot water heating system as well. Figure out a way to channel that water to underneath the floor for radiant heating then you're really cookin ;-)

Some moisture resistant studs and you can put up walls and everything. A backhoe could do the work of hollowing out a hill in a day's time. Use the extra dirt for wall's windbreaks etc... use the large rocks in constructing a front-side brace to support the windows.

Then you have that entire front entry-way as a greenhouse for food in the winter.

I'd love to have the freedom to try a lot of these new good ideas for total self-sustained living.