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Where did I say moral people

Where did I say moral people do not exist? You need to study the history of our nation. As it was the churches that stood up in selfdefense that started the war of sucession from Britian. Especially read up on the first 7 to fall to Britian soldiers.

I have lived in Oakland California dude, anarchy doesn't work. We just need to retool our laws to punish those in government more.

Anarchy is a failed policy, not because people couldn't be civil, but it lacks teamwork needed for protection and business cooperation. Anyone who lives in anarchy will always form an alliance, with this comes restrictions of what you can and cannot do. You will form government, even if it is not called that.

Also the 2nd quote was there to answer your question but I think you missed it. He was saying that "it does not matter how many times you change government forms or types, unless you teach morality, all forms will be corrupt". I would read the book of Samuel in the Bible as he tells the Israelites the same thing.

That book is funny because they gave up freedom to have a king, we gave up a king to have freedom. Samuel warns them of what will happen. George Washington did the exact same thing in his farewell address.