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Comment: Jack, sweetie pie, I am defending the person you attacked.

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Jack, sweetie pie, I am defending the person you attacked.

The OP did not put it in quotes, they merely carried over the title. Your comment (note these two little marks coming up....) "Jones does not utter the words 'threshold of tyranny.'" 'See? You put little marks to indicate a direct quote that the OP did not put there.

Next up:
"For the record, whoever wrote the title to this interview, which included the phrase "threshold of tyranny passed", used words not uttered by Jones in the interview."

Let the record show, Mr. Attorney, that it was simple as could be to determine that the man who CONDUCTED the interview uttered those words, and put them in the title.

The rest of your post is a rant about how often that threshold has been crossed already as justification for you to declare Max's statement "preposterous." Ironically, your rant nearly mirror's Max's... Making me wonder if you watched it. If so, apparently you did not understand it.

As for my "anonymity" - it would take about three clicks to figure out who I am. I keep my name to promote aquaponics, and to keep my time. I already changed it once and lost almost a year of "seniority."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.