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It's going well from my POV

Walked into a store yesterday and half the folks were wearing pro-gun shirts and hoodies. Only heard one anti-gun guy so far and he was some scrawny hipster with a Grizzly Adams beard.

Many in my area also know about what Cynthia Chase said. They are not amused.

This family down the road has "RON PAUL END THE FED" painted in huge blue letters on the side of his garage for everyone to see. Saw quite a few RP/GJ signs during the election, more than Obama signs anyway.

Not sure how many free-staters are here unofficially, but there are quite a few in my area. However, lots of hardcore Dems from MA tend to move here and advocate the same garbage that made them want to leave MA in the first place, though. But, that's the only major setback I see (and it's a pretty major one, granted).

EDIT: I didn't move here just because of the FSP however, moved for other reasons. The FSP is more of a side thing for me.

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