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Not at a max of

1 acre separation. I think that's the perfect spacing actually and much harder to contain a community of say 100 lots without the national guard basically... lol - and btw... I have no intentions of attracting the national guard. All of our controversies would be handled in the proper venue and at per-scheduled times. Nothing we do would be un-expected or anything to get suspicious or alarmed about. We will spell it out and notice interested officials to see if they have any objections to any of it...

They have a duty... as public servants... to respond... but if the servants begin thinking they are the masters and begin to decide if they "just don't feel like" carrying out the wishes of who is employing them they will quickly start deciding that they are in fact - the master - an unlimitedly funded master - something Hitler probably dreamed about.

No freedom is had by those who do not at least demonstrate that they have the capability and willingness to be able to fight for it. That is the true purpose of the second amendment. I at least have the support of at least 36 sheriffs... quoted anyway... for that particular and foundational requirement of freedom, being capable of defending it.

It's not about what is right anymore in this country. It's about power. It's about having as much power as you can get your hands on. That power requires control over others. It's an epidemic.

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