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There is already a site set up.

What would you be looking to do with the 10 lots? Feel free to send me a message... and basically here it is: It's my thread... I have been researching this community... in Colorado btw... for probably 6 months. The owner is a good guy and definitely doesn't want someone who might be looking to basically own the entire community. I would like to screen folks first to make sure they've got the non-aggression principle down pat first ... ya know?

...and consider my "pickyness" as a reason you might want to give this community a second look. There are already a few people who own lots there and to be honest I don't know if he has it half sold off or not yet. I hadn't talked to him in about two months but it definitely didn't sound like he was selling out any time soon.

The DP response has been pretty awesome however.