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I understand where you are coming from

If you follow or look into my channel a bit more you will find that I chose the name after reading the Carol Quigley book, I will give you that. But the channel is in no way associated with that book. At first I began making videos about that sort of stuff, I then moved onto Ron Paul videos, which is why a lot of my stuff is still shared here, even though now I have moved on again to making inspiring videos based on many various topics. The snippets you heard are from my most popular videos, which are then show cased at the end. I understand it is not typical of what you may expect for a channel trailer, but the sort of message I am promoting is very hard to portray in one short video, as it is so vast and because I have never shown myself or used my own voice, therefore I can't promote my channel that way.

Anyway hope this clears things up a bit with you, if you would like an idea of my channels main message please check out these two videos. Snippets from both were featured in my channel trailer. Enjoy!

What if money was no object?

A message for all of humanity - Charlie Chaplin