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Comment: Anarchist

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Great post, wonderful synopsis (so to speak).

I think Gerard Caseys book "Libertarian Anarchy" helps move the topic along and gives some excellent examples of just such a society. However minute they may be.

I also enjoy the work by Butler Shaffer as well, another advocate of an Anarchistic society. Then there's this:

"I am an anarchist. I suppose you came here, the most of you, to see what a real, live anarchist looked like. I suppose some of you expected to see me with a bomb in one hand and a flaming torch in the other, but are disappointed in seeing neither. If such has been your ideas regarding an anarchist, you deserved to be disappointed. Anarchists are peaceable, law-abiding people. What do anarchists mean when they speak of anarchy? Webster gives the term two definitions – chaos and the state of being without political rule. We cling to the latter definition. Our enemies hold that we believe only in the former." ~ Lucy Parsons


"The Art of not Being Governed", "The Conscience of an Anarchist", "Men Against the State", have helped to open up thoughts on Anarchy and why people (who have been indoctrinated by the public school system) so vehemently, and at times violently, oppose just such an idea.

"Reason obeys itself; Ignorance submits to what is dictated to it." Thomas Paine