Comment: The only way Rand will win... is if you do some things first.

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The only way Rand will win... is if you do some things first.

Here are two things you can do on your own:

  • Get involved in your local Republican party and start organizing with others in your state. Build e-mail, phone, and mailing lists of "tea party" types as well as "liberty" activists. Do it now and you will soon have several thousand people organized and ready to go to your state convention and take over the state party. Keep the lists separate by district or county and don't give one person access to the entire list. Compartmentalize your data and it will be difficult to co-opt.
  • Start putting aside $50 every month. When Rand (or some other liberty candidate) announces that they're running for President then donate ALL of that money that day. Romney had a huge advantage because he started out the 2012 primary season with over $30 million. He got that from a large group of people who almost all gave $2,300 each. ... 36 months times $50/month is $1,800. If 10,000 supporters in the US saved $50/month then our candidate would start the 2016 primary campaign out with $18,000,000 on day one. That would be a massive boost to their campaign.

Neither of those two suggestions are any secret. It's what is expected.

The organized and secret strategies are already happening off the record. Don't worry. Those of us who have been in this since before the 2008 run have learned a lot over the years.