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P*ss out. (*=u)

Either speak plainly and clearly what YOU INTEND or what you are ASKING FOR, or be relegated to the collectivist that you are due to your clouded, collectivist mind being unable to summon anything stronger than the collectivist "we".

Let it sink in, when you say wee wee wee you are speaking from whatever mouse is in your pants.

I know it's hard to stop collectivizing, but it truly is a weak thought from a weak mind if you are unable to parse what you are attempting to collectivize from your individual will.

There are appropriate times to use "we", like when you are making a factual statement. Examples:
You are on an airplane to New York City and you state: "We are going to New York City." - factual statement.
"We hold these truths to be self-evident." Factual statement about the words that follow.