Comment: Well, I just lost all respect

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Well, I just lost all respect

Well, I just lost all respect when he referenced the "birther conspiracy" Its a fact that Obama has passed off forged documents as his birth records. Its a fact that his selective service registration is forged. Its a fact, that he is using a stolen SS# which I have personally proved to belong to one Harry Bounel born in Russia in 1890 who became a naturalized citizen. (story broke on the Post & Email site, more stories to follow. Watch for them) Its a fact that he committed real estate and tax fraud regarding his house in Chicago. Its a fact that he has never produced any evidence whatsoever to prove he actually is who he says he is. Ventura is carrying the water for Obama. How sad.

Cat Bleish, who appeared in his police state episode said that he believes in global Govt. He told her personally that he thinks that if we could get a world Govt there would be no more war.

Knowing how he feels about us "birthers" (people who are actually aware of Obama's long list of felonies and frauds) and that he would like to see a global Govt, I can't take one word he says seriously.

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