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Found a good example

Read the post referenced here:

Basically, it's a quote of a DemUnderground member telling off the democratic community for adamantly taking on an issue that is only an issue due to (government)media-bias. Couldn't that easily have just been manipulation by a smart right-winger (or libertarian) with the intentions of getting democrats to back off an issue?

What I notice:
> This person acts/is a member of the Dem. Party and of the DemUnderground community.
> They effectively offer multiple reasons NOT to be outspoken about gun control.
> They call out 'certain members' of the camp.
> If they had an upvote/downvote system, 'public opinion' on the post would most likely be strongly NEGATIVE. Think about it! It's well written, but could easily be interpreted as 'pro-gun'. Now... SOME MEMBERS will actually agree with the poster and thus, his words were devisive and the community is divided.