Comment: All will be fine

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All will be fine

if our movement focuses on Liberty issues (theory and practice) as well as on discussion of current news without conspiracy theories. Like Ron Paul did in his speeches.

Ron Paul did not want to dwell about Obama birth certificate, 9/11, Rothscilds, club of rome, illuminati, chemtrails, fluoride, etc. Ron Paul always stressed that the FED is just a facilitator, not the cause of the problem. The cause is people who want free stuff.

When we start mixing Liberty movement of Ron Paul with sideline issues of Alex Jones, Tarpley, Ventura and others - we often express speculations and hypotheses that are just that - speculations and hypotheses. They have nothing to do with Liberty movement. Folks, who want free society, should understand that under capitalism bankers and Jews, on average, would do comparatively well. They wont suffer or disappear. If folks want to curb bankers or Jews, they should switch to National Socialism collective.